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When I retired as a Federal Fire Prevention Officer in 2005, I began looking for something to occupy my time.  While wandering around various crafty websites on the Internet, I came across some clunky little airplanes made from recycled aluminum cans, and decided to try building them myself. 

My first efforts were, rather crude…

… but I pressed on, and after hundreds of hours of research and development, practice, and a whole lot of trial and error, I think my finished product has improved considerably.

I now build and sell over 40 different types of aircraft including WW-I and WW-II fighters, Light Civil aircraft, a few helicopters, multi-engine aircraft, and a few jet planes. Some of my planes are made from plans I purchased and modified or improved upon, while others are my own designs.  Over the years I’ve developed quite a few jigs, tools, and templates to increase the quality, consistency, and realism of each aircraft. I am constantly trying new models, so if you don’t see what you like, let me know and maybe I can build it.

The A.C. Aircraft Company is one of a very small group of enthusiasts world-wide who build and sell aircraft model plans and/or assembled aircraft from recycled aluminum beverage cans.  Here are some of my favorite links to other aluminum can aircraft enthusiasts:

Without a doubt the best source for anyone who might be contemplating getting into building aircraft from aluminum cans.  Wayne’s website has won numerous awards and although he doesn’t sell his hand-made aircraft anymore, he has a wide variety of plans and videos for purchase.  Don’t miss his Builder’s Gallery with photos of hundreds of aircraft built from his plans.

Cecil lives in the San Diego area and has some beautiful models for sale in different sizes.

Shao and his wife Sompit sell some truly remarkable planes, helicopters, vehicles, and even some animals from aluminum cans.

There are some great tips for working with aluminum cans here, as well as some pretty cool products. Check it out.

Jim Tessier has put together some fabulous aluminum can models of airplanes, cars, trucks, farm & construction equipment, and a lot more.  Well worth a visit to his site.

Roy Greenwood has a website you should really visit.  He has built many terrific aircraft over the years including several very large planes like the SR-71 Blackbird that took 475 cans to build!


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